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Design, engineering, production and distribution -
In Zemberg we take care of you from A to Z. WE provide you with a display stand that will be the best for you!

The most important task for you is to stand out. If your product has not been snatched from the shelves, you should probably display it in a way that will grab the consumer's attention.


How will you know what is the right way for you to display your product? We have all the answers and solutions!

We know how to display your product in a way that will make the customer desire it.

A display that will highlight the product in the best way. A display that will compliment your product and leave an impression. A display that promotes and motivates the consumer to the act of buying.


We will take care of you throughout the process. From the concept stage to the final product:


The design department will design the best look for you - by thinking outside the box and bringing your brand forward.

The team of engineers will provide technical solutions, and will ensure that your display stand is of high quality, durable and strong.

In the production department we have the most advanced equipment and machines that will provide you with quality facilities and finishing at the highest level.


We look forward to meeting you for a free consultation!

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