ZAMBERG - Design, design, and manufacture of a huge variety of metal-based products

Zamberg Metal Products Ltd., with about 50 years of industry experience, manufactures metal-based products at a professional and uncompromising finish.

ZAMBERG's factory and offices are located in Ariel, adjacent to highway 5. The view from there to the Samaria Mountains is lovely.

Zamberg engraved metal products on its flagship principles: professionalism, craftsmanship, innovation and accurate and prompt response to all customer needs.

ZAMBERG's professional departments include: design department, engineering department, marketing and sales department, operations department. These departments accompany the customer throughout the process.


Zemberg Metal Products specializes in the production of:

• Display facilities
• Store furniture
• Metal for industry
• Equipment for logistics centers
• Facilities for airports

The ZAMBERG work steps are carried out IN HOUSE, which saves valuable time and costs for the customer.



Zamberg Metal Products offers a triangular conductor:





                                                                     Variety                         prices


We, at ZAMBERG, have the successful tools:

• We love what we do
• We are good at what we do
• We maintain professionalism and care for it in every way
• We are happy to give every customer personal attention
• We work with the highest quality raw materials
• Our people are the most professional


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