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Openning a store or renovating?

In Zemberg we will make sure that your display space is inviting, practical and of course looks stunning!

e that works well must look good. It should be pleasant and tailored to the right target audience.

It must convey the spirit of the brand and speak the appropriate design language.


But beyond that, it has to be cleverly planned. So that the store's products will be displayed in the most prominent desirable way that will motivate the consumer to a shopping action.


We will give your store everything you need.

From the marketing concept stage to the establishment and final installation in the store space.


In Zemberg we manufacture facilities and display stands for stores and retail chains, fashion stores, footwear, accessories, equipment and anything else that comes to your mind. We will know to give the best solutions for your needs.


Whether you are a known brand or a new store, you must make your display space look perfect! For that, we're are here!


We look forward to meeting you for a free consultation!

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