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Logistic equipment


Optimize your logistical work.

In Zemberg we will find the logistic solutions and create the facility that will meet your needs!

A good functioning business lies in its logistical function.

Things do not work out smoothly? Does the form of work erode employees? The way of work is impractical or inefficient?

We will know how to produce the ideal solution for you!


We will come to your factory / warehouse / place of business, observe and identify your needs, and locate your logistical problems. We will find solutions and create a facility for you that will optimize and improve your functioning.


We will develop everything you need: work stations, picking carts, egg carts, freight carts, lifting cages, protection of aisles / doors, protection for shelves, and more.


Let us help you maximize the work and save valuable time and money.


We look forward to meeting you for a free consultation!

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