All the good reasons why ZAMBERG is the best manufacturer of metal products:


1. Specialization in 5 product divisions


Display facilities

Furniture for stores

Metal for industry

Equipment for logistics centers

Facilities for airports


2. The partnership with the customer


Characterization of customer needs: according to the idea and / or initial need

Responding to customer requirements: Each product is tailored to customer requirements.

Customer Support: Marketing and Sales, Operations and Engineering departments accompany the customer throughout the process,

With a prompt and accurate response to his needs.

Product Collection: For generic kits, with easy assembly.

Direct communication: via phone, email, chat or through the website. And of course, meetings.

Delivery: By ZAMBERG, up to the customer.


3. Professionalism


ZAMBERG was founded in 1970. ZAMBERG's metal products represent a 50-year experience.

Throughout the process: from concept, through design, through planning, to final product.

Industrial Design Studio: Out-of-the-Box Creative Solutions.

Standard: ZAMBERG has ISO 9008: 2000 standard by the Israeli Standards Institute.

Technology Providers: Partnership with leading suppliers around the world, such as: Scoop Group, Iscor, Packer, Nirlat.

Execution standard and finishing level: Maintaining an exceptionally high standard, professional and non-finishing


Leading professional departments: Marketing & Sales, Design, Engineering, Operations, Quality Assurance, Welders, Production Stripe Workers, Packaging, Administration, and more.

Specifications of the products: According to international specifications, customer specifications and unique products order.

Innovation and innovation



4. The diversity


Metal Works: On all issues, with the highest quality raw materials. Specialization in iron, stainless steel and aluminum products.

Materials combination: metal, wood, plastic, cardboard, plexiglass, paper, stickers.

A huge range of products: for all needs, in all ranges.


5. Prices


Vertical Creation: Saves valuable time and cost to the customer, therefore, IN HOUSE Most work steps

The prices are very attractive.

Quantity vs. Price: Large quantities and ongoing orders significantly lower the price.

Because we love

What we do

Because we are happy to give every customer personal attention

Because we are good at what we do

Because we work with the highest quality materials

Because we keep and take care of professionalism in every way

Because our teem is the most professional


Retail Display

Shop Design

Industry Metal

Logistic Equipment

Airplane Runway Equipment









 Irus st, Industrial area Ariel 

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