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Why Zemberg?

Because everything we do, is first and foremost with thinking about you!

At Zemberg we understand that the best to succeed is by thinking first and foremost about the customer, his needs, and products.

That is why we produce the best and most accurate products for you.


We specialize in finding problems and providing logistical and retail solutions.

Our many years of knowledge and experience give us the professionalism and confidence to carry out the projects for you in the best way.

Knowledge is power

We employ the best professionals in the market.

Everyone has extensive knowledge and experience in the various fields in which we are engaged.

We take great importance in learning the new techniques and technologies in the industry and are always up to date with the new rules and restrictions that the market dictates. We know how to pave the way for the best results.


One of the most important things for you is to understand the prosses and the work that is being done for you. We will never leave you in the "dark" and will explain and share with you the process of working and doing for you.

Along the way, we involve our clients in the various work stages and decision-making.

Our customers do not feel disconnected, Although we do the hard work and thinking, the client always feels connected to the project and updated in all its details.


Peace of Mind

In Zemberg we give you the confidence and peace of mind, that you are in good hands.

We work according to an orderly schedule, correct and adapted work steps for the project, with the highest quality and most durable raw materials on the market. We have the most advanced machines in Israel and a professional and skilled team.


In Zemberg we will take care of you throughout the process.

For every stage of the work, there is a responsible and professional department. Design, engineering, planning, and production. Since all departments work as part of one system and under one roof, we work in cooperation and proper planning from A to Z.

 We provide our customers with the best and most accurate products for them.

We are here for you!

Waiting to meet you.

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