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ZAMBERG has many years of experience and many success stories in producing display facilities.


We accompany the customer from the marketing concept to an actual solution and installation / distribution in the store.


Thanks to the team of engineers, designers, management and quality control, we are able to produce displays that convey the customers experience to the point of sale and encourage "propulsion" to operate, and increase the physical shopping basket in the store.


In the process of building a facility or showcase you will meet with the expert team at Zamberg that includes designers and marketing professionals, we will work together to understand the challenges facing the product at the point of sale, understand how competitors behave and learn together how to maximize visibility in the store, resulting in real buying and sales growth.


Zamberg specializes in providing such solutions and has extensive experience in producing such solutions for many years.

Contact us to begin the process where you can also enjoy the range of solutions we offer and all in a pleasant, welcoming and professional way.


among our clients:

Leiman Schleich / Strauss Elite / Densher / Sano / Hazi hinam / Mars / Vardinon / Menta Delek / Sabon / Shufersal / Roladin / Golf / Dean Marketing.

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