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Production Departments

Department of Engineering


Includes product engineers with extensive experience in designing metal products and material combinations.

Bending, cutting, and tin processing.




Wire Processing Department


Metal wire processing machines include bending and automatic welding of wires and metal meshes

A variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Punching and cutting profiles and metal pipes,




Department of Railways


Includes welding with CO2 technology, TIG for stainless steel and aluminum welding, grinding and polishing.




Color department


Inside the plant is a color line in the oven, the coloring is done by electrostatic powder in roasting until

220 degrees with advanced equipment from Swiss Gema




Rilsan coating 11


In our company, Rilsen coating is made for metal parts - importing the coating powder from the French Arkema company,

The coating is a high durability coating and is used, among other things, to manufacture products for office use

Defense Air and Aviation Industry, Armored Vehicles and Firearms.




Quality control department


Every product produced in our factory undergoes strict quality control that checks the quality of the product,

The nature of the coating / color and its durability.

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