Airplane runway equipment

Zamberg manufactures and develops facilities for landing routes.

These are, among other things, runway illumination bases installed on the runways of the aircraft and direct the aircraft on arrival at the runway. The fixture body is made of metal with a durable condition and is manufactured using special technology that meets the specified chemical composition requirements.


The metal undergoes hot zinc coating. The light fixture base is defined as both an underground electrical board through which various power cables are used which are used to supply electrical voltage as a lighting fixture that illuminates the tracks.

Lighting bases are ordered and manufactured in various sizes - 8/12/16/24 inches.


ZAMBERG is defined as the sole supplier of all the Airports in Israel.
We operate under the approval of the Standards Institute for the production of these bases and under the FAA Federal Aviation Administration which is responsible for the management of the US Aviation Regulations.


ZAMBERG provides various on-demand accessories to the airports all of which are approved by the Institute of Standards.
All of them are used to operate the runway and track lighting.

In addition, our company manufactures L-810 aircraft warning lights. These lighting fixtures are located on masts and towers / towers up to 45 meters high.


Among our clients:

Ben Gurion Airport 2000 / Ramon airport / Haifa airport  / Tel Nof airport




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